Skillet Chicken Vesuvio

skillet chicken vesuvio

I am a pretty lazy cook.  I quite enjoy cooking and love eating but there are some elements of cooking that I am not a huge fan of.  Chopping garlic and ginger is one of them so I generally use the stuff that comes in a jar, unless I find some particularly fresh ginger that doesn’t look and feel like an old piece of bark.  And depending on my mood I also used chili paste and lemongrass paste.  They don’t pack quite the same flavour punch as the fresh stuff but it is pretty damn close.

And I am guilty of having bought the relatively new Garden Gourmet lightly dried coriander (cilantro) to use as garnish on my photos (phew glad to have got that one off my chest…  and no this is not a sponsored post).  Sometimes life just gets a bit crazy and you need to take some short cuts. [Read More…]

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