Spicy Beef and Rice

Spicy beef and rice

There are some great recipes out there to use as the basis for creating your own delicious dish; like recipes for great pasta sauces that you can twist to suit your tastes and what is in the cupboard.  My Mum has a great recipe for vegetable soup that is wonderful for using up vegetables that are looking a bit sad and shortly destined for the compost heap.

This recipe for spicy beef and rice from Nicole of PicNic is one of those kinds of recipes.  Nicole gives her favourite spice mix to use to flavour this dish but it is easy to adapt to what you like.  Below is my adaption of her recipe – reducing it to a serve for one but also adding in some cayenne pepper and fish sauce.  I liked the slightly earthier tone that the cayenne pepper gives to the dish and the fish sauce just gives an added saltiness.  But have a look at Nicole’s original recipe as well and have a play around with the flavours. [Read More…]

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