Chili Bacon Crusted Lamb


Chili bacon crusted lamb

At the moment I am trying to get my life a bit more organised.  And one of the things I am focussed on is decluttering my home.  I have mentioned before I am a bit of a hoarder and have a habit of keeping things just in case I might need them.  To keep me accountable I have set up an Instagram challenge through the Instagram account of my business and am going to be sharing a photo a week of something I have removed from my home.  I say removed as I am not intending to just toss everything I am getting rid of.  I also plan to donate and sell what I can.

And I want to invite you to join me on this challenge.  Each week on Sunday I am going to share on instagram a photo of the item I am removing from my house and would love you do to do the same, tagging them #decluttermylife and tagging me.  My instagram username for my business is @numberwrangler.  I would love us to do this together.  If you want to read more, then head on over to my business blog. [Read More…]

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